Beyond the Search Engines

After almost 20 years enabling businesses to get online to better business, it might seem strange that you will often find recommendations on MWDW to just ignore the search engines. After all, everyone knows that the search engines are the source of all your traffic, don´t they?

Whoa! Let us stop you right there.

"The search engines are the source of all your traffic."

Really?! Think about this.

This is a mistaken assumption. The only time the search engines will be the major source of all your traffic is if you fail to apply any other marketing techniques at all.

After all, even simply putting out fliers in your local area with your website address on should bring direct traffic to your website. A sign on your company vehicles will do the same. An active Twitter account with your URL in your bio. A Facebook page. A LinkedIn page.  A presentation in front of an audience with the final slide showing your website address. Your business card.

Companies such as Buzzfeed, who were accidentally blacklisted by Google, had no option but to defocus entirely on SEO and search marketing to grow their audience, and they have never looked back.

So, you will find plenty of occasions on MWDW when you will be encouraged to THINK BEYOND THE SEARCH ENGINES.


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