Content Creation

Content comes in many forms. Many small businesses focus too heavily on text eg blog posts and articles, white papers, FAQs and How To guides, without giving sufficient consideration to the many other forms of content which will interest your website visitors, followers and friends, and potential customers.

The first thing to remember if content creation is your problem is that you do not need to be the person who creates it. If you are no Shakespeare with a pen, cannot take photos, have no idea how to draw an infographic or diagram, are terrible at public speaking, don´t know one end of a video clip from another, there is always someone out there who can do all of this for you. And, most importantly, it need not break the bank.

The second thing to remember is that whilst content is very important for your online presence to work well, you must also have good products. Otherwise, no matter how fantastic your content is, you will make few sales. And those sales, surely, are why you are in business?!